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About SNF Consultancy

SNF consultancy focuses on practical educational experiences which  enhances  educational frameworks. SNF Consultancy approaches educational elements  through a qualitative lens, leveling equitable teaching and learning methodologies.  SNF Education Consultancy strategically utilizes transformative coaching and professional development components to produce effective results.

Purple Background

SNF Consultancy Offers:

  • Qualitative Researcher- Experienced researcher in qualitative approaches, utilizing qualitative inquiry inclusive narrative, phenomenology, grounded theory, ethnography, and case studies.        

  • Certified National Institute for Excellence In Teaching (NIET)
    Utilizing the NIET rubric and observation system, coupled with my development of teaching practice capital, through intentionally cultivating teaching approaches that enhance students' learning. 

  • K-12 Curriculum Development- Collaborating with the grade level educator, through the detailed analysis of curriculum content, ensuring the learning goals and objectives complement the classroom teaching and learning. 

  • TRiO Programs; Professional Development & Program Evaluation-Collaborating with TRiO project Director and Staff in executing the grant goals, objectives, and data collection process.

  • Higher Education Faculty Training & Development -Through faculty teaching practice, assessment, and reflection, expanding impact in student services and degree completion beyond the campus.   

  • Grant Writer- Composing grants for, higher education institutions, faith-based organizations, and Nonprofits. 


Dr. Samantha N. Friar obtains over 20 years of professional experience in the field of education. Dr. Friar’s teaching philosophy has always been grounded in equitable practices, inclusive of all learners regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or socioeconomic status; which trailblazes her belief in all learners are entitled to quality education. Dr. Friar exudes her passion in being a life-long learner and educator, as she has successfully led rigorous education initiatives, that continue to yield vital academic outcomes for students across the country. 

Dr. Friar holds a BA in Psychology from Tuskegee University, a Master’s in Education from North Park University, and an Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership from National Louis University-Chicago. Dr. Friar’s published dissertation highlighted: What Factors Support Degree Completion For African-American Women Students at A Land-Grant Historically Black College and University (HBCU)?

Dr. Friar’s career in education began as teaching in private and public school districts, for which she curated her teaching pedagogy that developed students learning in both school districts and higher education. Dr. Friar possess detailed teaching experience in special education and general education classrooms. With her prior knowledge in special education such as, inclusive of survey of exceptional learners, psychology and educational assessment for special population, cognitive thinking and learning, and policy issues in special education, these teaching elements have complimented her teaching approach. 

Teaching and learning has catapulted Dr. Friar’s well-established leadership background in higher education and community-based organizations. Her roles include serving as: Undergraduate Professor and Faculty Lead, Peer-Reviewer, Director of Student Support Services-TRiO programs, Director of Education and Employment, Manager of Education and Support Services, and Teacher Apprentice -National Louis University Doctoral Program. 

Dr. Friar’s substantial contributions to educational boards, committees, and community organizations have cultivated her expertise, and her vast professional experiences positively impacts learners. Dr. Friar’s mantra of "I love education, as teaching and learning are the pathways to opportunities," continues to fuel her work.


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Dr. Samantha N. Friar Consultancy, LLC

2045 W. Grand Ave.

STE B PMB 247445

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